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I’ll be the first to admit my feet have been cold lately… but I run fast so I don’t really mind, and I have a long fur coat… but there’s one thing that puzzles me…

To give credit where credit is due, Gramma keeps a bowl of water upstairs and another bowl of water downstairs, and another bowl of water outside… and she freshens it up every day… but there is something about the bowls that the deck trees sit in that I LOVE!!!! but for the last few days these bowls have kind of confused me… check out my video here:

What is with the hard water? and it is cold!!!

How do you feel about the cold? and the hard water? and the cold bristles on the field where I like to run? If you are sensitive to the cold, check out these great shops I love… just print “cold” into the search bar and hopefully you’ll like some of the stuff there that will keep you warm!!


xoxox to all!!!

and keep warm!!