BlogDog Asks: What Was That Smell??

Some of you know that I love smelly things!  Really smelly things are best!!

Last night I was bored of sitting with my human, Gramma, so I rnrnrnrn-ed at the door until she let me out.  I really like the night because I have to figure out what the smells are.  I can’t see very much in the dark.

Last night was SOOO exciting.  That smell was great – YUCK! – STANKY!!!  I knew it was a moving smell so I barked and barked and barked!!  Gramma opened the door (I think she was going to yell at me) but then she started petting me and telling me how good I was!  Kewl!!!



What is a Bear?  She said I sent the bear back down the bank!  It is so hard to understand when you just don’t understand.

Bear = skanky smell = BARK! = good dog.



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