Nox Is My Name

I was born on a dairy farm on October 21, 2010.  The most beautiful of 9 siblings, my mom was a Golden Retriever, dad is suspected of being a collie.  Works for me but if you look at my sister, I think Jake is her dad.

My sister’s name is Finn and we were adopted together by my human, Gramma, and Finn’s human, Mom, and Finn has a little human too, his name seems to be Little Boy.  Little Boy sometimes seems to not like us… he shrieks every time we bump him over and lick him!  But we love him.  and we love Mom, and we love Gramma too, even when she seems to be the Boss!!!

We live in a big house and we have a great yard – there is a river just below us which means we see birds that we can bark at; in the Fall we can smell the bears that come to eat the fish; and on hot days there are lots of humans floating down the river in wierd bed-things!

Lots of times we get to ride in the van and that’s exciting because we know we are going somewhere fun!  Sometimes we run into the ocean (my favourite because there is great stinky stuff to eat!) or we race through the forest (my sisters favourite because she is a really great runner!).

I am pretty excited about being able to talk to all of you!  Send me messages, okay?  I love meeting new dogs, and humans, and little humans!