BlogDog says: Accidents Happen But… But…

One day my sister, Finn, and I were playing around in the back yard.  I mean…. it’s a great back yard… trees, bushes, rock walls… we can really get going when we want to.  Well, I’m not sure just what happened but I got this cut – I didn’t notice it really, but Gramma really went over the top.  She sent Finn into the house, she pinned me down, she was really gentle when she was cleaning me, she was talking nice talk… I don’t know what the big deal was because it did not hurt all that much!

Next thing I know there was this ugly razor thing trimming my fur… haha, I have lots of fur so it didn’t work very well!  Then this weird sticky thing pulling my skin together!

Well a few days later I had to go to the hospital and Dr. Ken was really nice but Poof!  I was asleep!

When I woke up my side felt strange and I had a huge cone on my head… I’m still not sure what that was all about!!!

But then you won’t believe what Gramma made me wear!  so embarassing!  I’m sharing this with you but don’t tell anyone!

Overkill on the wound care!!


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