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BlogDog Says I Love Sunday Mornings!

BlogDog Says I Love Sunday Mornings!

I love Sunday mornings!  Gramma takes me to the best places!! [canvakala-video src=””]          

BlogDog asks: Is Anyone Else Ticklish?

It rains a lot where I live right now.  Despite my best attempts to stay clean I can get kinda mucky from time to time.  When we get home Gramma gets this big towel and rubs me down.  I love that part! Until she gets to my feet.  Then I have to dance around – I just...

BlogDog says: Don’t Take Human Food!

Collie-Gee, my sister Finn was in deep doo-doo last night! Gramma was making food for her and Little Boy for supper.  Little Boy was sitting on the counter because we knock him over sometimes (we don’t mean to but his face tastes so good when he’s been eating!)....