BlogDog Says: I Was A BIRD-Dog Today!

Today was a great day!  Finn was off with Mom and Little Boy somewhere so I got to have some fun with Gramma.

Well, mostly fun.  I had to be on leash today.  We went to a park where I could see the ocean… I love the ocean because I can swim there and find slimy things, and eat skanky stuff… Today though I saw so many birds.  First of all they were way up high in a tree, so I couldn’t get to them.  Even when they flew down to the ground they were behind a fence… plus I was on leash!

There was this huge noisy motor-bird, too.  It was kind of ugly, I think.  Then it flew off into the sky – good riddance!

Just as we were getting back to the van, I thought I’d climb up a table and see if I had missed anything and, Whaddya Know!!!  the big eagle birds were there!  I’m not sure if they were from my river but they were pretty kewl!  I don’t think they liked the big ugly noisy motor-birds either.

I tried to get some good pictures for you but I had so many smells to sniff that it was hard to concentrate on video!!!

Hope you like it though!


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