BlogDog says: Don’t Take Human Food!

Collie-Gee, my sister Finn was in deep doo-doo last night!

Gramma was making food for her and Little Boy for supper.  Little Boy was sitting on the counter because we knock him over sometimes (we don’t mean to but his face tastes so good when he’s been eating!).

Anyways, there was food on a pan at the back of the counter.  Gramma was on the other side of the kitchen so Finn stood up on her back legs and, neat as you please, grabbed this rolled up thing on the pan.  Well, Gramma saw her and yelled; Finn jumped backwards and let go; the roll-up went flying through the air… needless to say I got out of the way!!!

Gramma sometimes doesn’t move that fast but she picked the roll-up off the floor, tossed it on the counter and grabbed Finn quicker than I can scarf a doggie treat!!  Needless to say Finn had to go down to our bedroom for a while.  I was thinking of grabbing the roll-up myself while Gramma was dealing with Finn – just to prove to my sister I could do it better than her – but I like it when Gramma is happy with me so I just lay down and played Good Dog.



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